Samsung already started mass production of their new ultra thin image sensors

Samsung just announced a new ultra-thin image sensor for mobile phones, named S5K3P3 and a measure of 1.0μm pixels.

The new sensor reduced by 20% at present to 16 MP (1.2μm pixels) and already passed stage of mass production. Thanks to its size, Samsung say it will be possible to create even thinner phones without compromising the quality of the cameras; The sensor uses the Samsung ISOCELL technology, which allows greater definition for colors and less “noise” in pictures.

With ISOCELL, each pixel is separated by a physical barrier that increase “substantially” the light sensitivity and color fidelity even when lighting is very low.

ISOCELL as such was presented in 2013 and has since been applied in high-end Samsung, like latest S6. No wonder that camera is considered one of the best on mobile phones, according to some tests .

The sensor not only can be used on phones from Samsung, but any manufacturer may incorporate it into their devices. Due to its characteristics, it seems ideal for high-end handsets and is difficult to see implemented in cheaper equipment.

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