What Are Drones Used For

What Are Drones Used For

Drones are a piece of technology growing in popularity. These small flying objects have been the subject of entertainment as well as controversy. Kids love putting drones on their birthday and Christmas lists. Drones are just like remote controlled cars that can go new places. With a bird’s eye view, it is easy to see why kids, as well as professional, are drawn to them.

But drones have come with their share of controversy. They are so small and can easily be misconstrued as a dangerous object. While they could pose a threat to security when used in unprofessional hands, drones are actually a useful resource when used by businesses.

More and more companies are turning to drones to revolutionize their business. With the proper licensing and permits, a business can legally own and operate a drone for their own purposes. According to reports, more than 3000 commercial has been issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There are a variety of uses for drones in a professional setting. They can be used in nearly any profession. Companies are becoming increasingly creative, innovative, and intelligent when it comes to using drones for their business. Here are just a few of the professions and ways they have been using drones:


One of the many ways different businesses are using drones is in the field. That’s right, farmers have started using drones in their daily farming routine. Until now, when things go wrong on a farm, such as weeds, farmers’ only option is to treat the whole field. But with the help of a drone, farmers can now pinpoint certain locations of problems and treat them specifically, reducing the use of chemicals which benefit both the farmers and the environment.

Drones provide farmers with a large scale view of their farm as well. They allow farmers to see the lay of the land. They can see and monitor changes in color and vegetation throughout their crops instead of pressing their luck and possibility losing their crops. Using drones can give farmers an advantage and the crops a better chance of surviving anything that hits them.

Farmers have also been using drones when herding their animals. Especially on larger farms, herding animals can be strenuous. With long trips up and done range, herding animals can take up a whole day. Now, with the use of drones, farmers can herd their animals without leaving their seat. The drones work just as well alongside the animals as an actual human. They guide and steer the animals until they are back where they need to be. The drones are also useful for checking on and locating wandering herds who may get too far. From there, the drones can help bring them back.what are drones used for

Another useful way farmers have been using drones is for crop irrigations. With all the above-mentioned uses, drones are revolutionizing farming. Dr. Cheryl McCarthy, an engineer who has researched the different uses of drones, has said that by 2025, drones will be used as common as tractors. But right now, with over 100,000 farming businesses in Australia alone, only about 5% are actually using drones. That percentage is surely expected to rise in the near future. In April this year, Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has given permission to Australian farmers for the use drones weighing up to 25kg on their farms without a license or certificate.

It is also to be noted, that drones have been used in several other laborious professions such as mining, construction, and oil drilling.


It is a well-known fact that new and cutting edge angles in photography can make memorable photos that are the envy of everyone. Drones are capable of producing just that. Being able to fly above a crowd or building can allow photographers to produce one-of-a-kind photos.

what are drones used forFrom commercial purposes to weddings, drones are being used in photography everywhere. Businesses love using drone photography for marketing and commercial purposes because of the amazing results. Drones can show large crowds, which is great for publicizing a business’s popularity, and the land area it takes up. Drone photography produces great pictures to show off in a variety of formats.

Drones have also been used for a variety of wedding photo shoots. Photographers have been using them to get aerial shots of the ceremony itself as well as the wedding party. Photographers have used drones in new and innovative ways such as positioning the wedding party in a manner that makes a picture from the sky. With weddings becoming more and more glamourous, the notion of having Hollywood level photography and special effects videos goes hand in hand with extravagant weddings. Drone photography goes that extra mile and shows the extravagance of the wedding. These wedding pictures using drones make memories that will last a lifetime and give the married couple a wonderful souvenir.

Emergency Services

Emergencies are scary and sometimes require human endangerment, such as firefighting. Firefighting calls for extensive know-how in extinguishing flames. While all old methods of firefighting are still in place today, there is a new one on the rise. The use of drones in firefighting can provide firefighters with a much-needed height advantage.

For bigger fires, like that of a wildfire, it is nearly impossible for a team to surround and put out a fire. With winds always pushing the ever-growing fire, extinguishing it can become a hassle. That’s where drones come in. Drones can fly above and around the fire without endangering any of the operators. They give the team of firefighters a better idea of the size and scale of the fire while providing them with a way to determine the direction the fire might be spreading. More importantly, drones can help firefighters pinpoint the starting location of the fire. The lack of endangerment is what really make the drones an amazing innovation in firefighting.

Just recently, during the enormous and out of control wildfire in Alberta, Canada, the local government asked for the help of Elevated Robotic Services to use their drones in order to pinpoint where the cause of the bushfire is located. A tactic that could not have been achieved by firefighters due to the blistering heat and thick smoke surrounding the area.

As for other emergency situations, drones have been used to aid individuals in an emergency in the UK. The UK is known for horrible traffic that can prohibit emergency vehicles from getting to their call. Drones have begun being used to get to those in the emergency before the actual emergency responders can get there. This will potentially save the lives of thousands if not millions of people. Drones have also been used to search and rescue. These drones can go in small and tall places where humans can’t. Using drones can save time and potentially someone’s life.

Package Delivery

With companies like Amazon jumping on board the innovative delivery methods, using drones as a method of delivery is increasing in popularity. There are numerous facilities and companies designing improved drones just for delivering objects. One called the Parcelcopter, created by DHL, has been being tested in the Bavarian Alps. It can fly from point to point in 8 minutes. It has a five-mile range and can fly up to 1600 feet. While these specialty delivery drones have still not been implemented due to security and concerns about the legality of it, they have the potential to revolutionize online ordering.

Imagine ordering something off Amazon, or even a pizza, and being able to receive in only a matter of minutes. No driving to the store. No waiting days to get it on your doorstep. You don’t even have to leave your couch. The use of drones for delivery will certainly shake up any business who relies on deliveries. Not only do drones have the potential to cut business costs, but they have the potential to increase customer satisfaction tenfold. While delivery drones tend to be more of a “big city” idea, maybe one day, drones can evolve to include and deliver to rural locations.

Wildlife Conservation

Drones have the potential to do what scientists and researchers have only dreamed of: monitor thousands of endangered animals at a time. These drones can go alongside these animals where humans haven’t been able to in the past. They can swim with sea turtles and fly with eagles.

Instead of using invasive surgeries to microchip and track these wild animals, researchers can monitor them from a remote location without interfering with their natural habitat, giving them the upper hand.

Drones have also been used in Africa to help monitor for and track poachers in order to save as many animals and species as possible. To those studying and helping endangered animals, this is huge. The world’s endangered species list can be reduced greatly in part to drones. Being able to go where most other humans cannot give wildlife specialists an edge in saving the animals they care so much about.

Protection and Defense

Drones are a well-known military tool. In fact, the origin of the drone can be traced back to the 1930’s where marines used them for target practice. Military grade drones have the ability to go into war-torn cities without endangering any more lives than necessary. All from a remote, protected location, the military can go into freshly bombed areas and search for survivors or give a much-needed arms boost to troops in mid-battle. They are used all the time for surveillance and reconnaissance, giving the military much-needed information on the enemy and giving them the upper hand. Drones are a great tool for protecting civilians in and out of war.

Domestic police forces have also been using drones in various manners. They have used drones to monitor criminals, crimes in progress, looking for missing people, and watching the scene of a crime or accident. Drones have been making dangerous professions just a tad safer by allowing humans the ability to take a step back without endangering theirs or other people’s lives.

As you can see, drones can be used for nearly anything and in nearly any profession. The new technology and popularity of drones are due to the rising demands for bigger and better accessories for entertainment and business. While just anyone can enjoy a low-grade drone, it takes special permitting to use it in public situations. The security threats the use of a drone pose are only a problem when drones are used by the wrong people.

Drones have the potential to do wonders for the modern entrepreneur. With proper training and licensing, a business owner can have all the tools they need to foster and grow their business within a drone. And while on the outside it might not seem like an obvious business tool, the entrepreneurs mentioned above have certainly turned it into one. Farmers, rescue workers, and photographers alike have used drones to make the most out of their business. While many people see drones as a threat and nuisance, these entrepreneurs are changing the way the world views drones.